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Jet Li profile English Name:  Jet Li  
Cantonese Name:  Lei Len Get  
Mandarin Name:  Lee Lian Jie  
Date of Birth:  April 26, 1963  
Place of Birth:  Hebei, Beijing  
Favorite Color:  White  
First Movie:  Shaolin Temple, 1982

Li started practicing Chinese martial arts (Wushu) at the age eight.
Champion of the Chinese National Martial Arts Contest (Wushu) from 1974-1979. Jet Li is a master of the martial art of Wushu and is a weapon specialist. This has been shown in many of his movies,  especially in Fist of Legend where he proves that an ordinary belt can prove lethal to his adversaries.
Jet Li's acrobatic skills, strength, and quickness  make him excitable and enjoyable to watch. Many of his fighting moves are difficult to emulate by others.  This can be seen by the martial arts stunts performed in the movie The Matrix.  If you look closely, a majority of the stunts will emulate those of Jet Li, but without his perfection and quickness.